Intellectual Property for License

Groundbreaking advances in the science of creating sustainable rubber from the guayule plant available for license

Crop Science Patents

American Biorubber has identified and evaluated existing guayule hybrids parental lines to generate hybrid seeds for pre-commercial trials. In addition, our company has employed molecular breeding to create new guayule high-yielding, pure line hybrids.

  • Plant variety protection: YX-05-003-blr-01 & YX-05-003-blr-02

  • Hybrid breeding method for facultative apomictic plants  (provisional filing)

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Bioprocessing Patents

American Biorubber has improved upon existing extraction processes to ensure highest yield rates and material quality. We have developed new extraction methods for guayule-based extraction materials and fibers that emphasize sustainability and stewardship. Our goal is to continually reduce inputs while utilizing 100% of the guayule plant and process streams.

  • Biopolymer extraction from plant materials U.S., EU, (8) foreign

  • Extraction and fractionation of biopolymers and resins from plant materials U.S., EU, (9) foreign

  • Rapid expanded solvent extraction U.S., EU, (6) foreign


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Material Science Patents

Guayule-based rubber products have vast applications in the consumer, medical and industrial markets. American Biorubber has created and patented a key intermediary for product development.

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