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Crop Science

  • Genetic selection

  • Molecular breeding

  • Elite seed

  • Greenhouse methods and techniques

  • Crop establishment, field design and transplanting

  • Crop management, nutrient and irrigation protocols

  • Laboratory practices, equipment and testing protocols

  • Crop harvesting and transport

  • Specialized seed harvesting, cleaning, treatment and selection technologies

  • Crop pretreatment techniques

  • Project management

  • Government program review and consulting

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  • Rubber extraction, purification and stabilization: water-based processes and solvent based processes

  • Resin extraction and refinement

  • Equipment selection, design and engineering

  • Facility engineering, process equipment layout and capital models

  • Bioprocessing personnel, labor rates, training and safety

  • Extraction, alternative methods

  • IP licensing, processing

  • Fiber processing, residual (engineered wood products and fiber based chemical production)

  • Seed oil extraction and refinement

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Material Science

  • Rubber chemistry, compounding and product manufacturing

  • Resin chemistry, distillation and separation

  • Combined rubber and resin materials and products

  • Laboratory setup, equipment selection and testing protocols

  • Marketing, sales and distribution

  • Product development

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Financial and Economic Modelling

  • Crop models

  • Facility and equipment capital and operational models and analysis

  • Investor deck review and consulting

  • Government and university program review and consulting

  • Intellectual property licensing

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Additional Areas of Expertise

  • Alternative crop development, project management and consulting (Russian dandelion)

  • Environmental concerns, sustainability, and green tech

  • Speaking engagements

  • Technical reviews